Everyone has their problems, short- or long term. Negative thoughts and emotions are a normal part of life. You just need to learn how to cope with them to live a fulfilling life. In those situations many benefit from working together with a psychologist. 

How will counseling help me?

There are times in life when you find yourself in complex situations or feel misunderstood by others. There is a potential to solve those situations and relationship issues within you, sometimes you just need assistance from a psychologist to harness that potential. 

A psychologist helps you to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that preserve the problem and stop you from living according to your values. Together with the psychologist you will formulate the problem, state the goal of the change, search for solutions and learn new skills to deal with the problem. 

When can Telesis Coaching help you?
Extensive nervousness, panic attacks with physical symptoms and tendency to avoid situations where anxiety occurs.

Extensive worrying about health, loved ones or rumination about future events. Feeling loss of control over ones life.

Low self-esteem
Overly negative opinion of yourself, negative self-talk and avoiding taking challenges due to lack of belief in self-efficiency.

Emotional difficulties
Experience of predominantly negative emotions like feeling of guilt, anger, sadness, worthlessness and dissatisfaction.

Social anxiety 
Extreme anxiety in social situations and avoiding those situations. Extensive fear for social failure and embarrassment.

Excessive mental and emotional pressure, physical symptoms of stress and lack of effective coping strategies to manage stress.

Relationship difficulties
Dissatisfaction with personal and work relationships, frequent conflicts, difficulties in starting and keeping meaningful relationships.

Lack of motivation
Difficulties in focussing, remembering details and making decisions, starting something new and completing the tasks committed to.

Changes in sleep and appetite
Experiences of insomnia, early morning wakefulness or excessive sleep, difficulties in controlling cravings and eating behaviour or loss of appetite.