Together we will refine your vision and plans. With the help of coaching you are able to use your full potential. 

We are Tuuli and Markko. Psychologists. Coaches. World citizens. We are convinced that each and every person is capable of more than they think. Most of the people have the habit of postponing the fulfilment of their goals and dreams. It is really easy to find reasons that will stop you from reaching your goals. A lot of time people are also lacking self-confidence and courage. Get in touch with us and let's talk about how you and your dreams can benefit from coaching.  

Tuuli is a coach with vast international experience. She holds Co-Active Coaching certificate from International Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Her strengths lie in leadership coaching and counseling. Because of his sports background, Markko's main focus is on coaching athletes. We also focus coaching people on the move, people who relocate from one country and culture to another.

We work in English, Estonian and Finnish.
We use clear structure in coaching and are location independent, the sessions with you are done via phone or Skype.